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Loving and losing, different only by
one letter and a million degrees of pain.

​Our Purpose

Stand 2 Oppose (STOP!) Gun Violence, based in Minnesota, is a movement to command social change that will eliminate gun violence. Whether small or large-scale shootings – like we’ve seen in schools, businesses, places of worship and entertainment venues – any life lost from gun violence is too much. Our mission is to end gun violence through education, youth development and personal action.  >read more

• 116,255 people are victims of gun violence in the US each year

• 318 people are shot in the US every day from some form of gun violence

• 35,141 people die from gun violence each year

• 12,000+ are murdered

• 21,000+ die from suicide

• 500 are killed unintentionally

• 479 are killed by legal intervention

• 22% of gun sales occur with no questions asked



These are the facts. As horrifying as they are, we cannot avoid them, and we cannot deny them. Understanding that the numbers deeply impact families – and our greater society – we must act with urgency and ignite change. #NotAnotherTaylor


When you ask people what is most important to them, most say family and friends as one of their top answers. Doing anything to protect them is a common conviction when thinking about loved ones. Yet, we find ourselves in a world where acts of violence collide with those that we love, and many families find their world turned upside down. We know that exposure to gun violence traumatizes and scars, and we see gun violence as a public health issue.

"This is something that is really embedded in society, and this is a way in which people can think they can handle their differences," explains Minnesota Senator Jeff Hayden. "We have to treat this in the same way that we treat the measles. We have to treat this in the same way that we treated polio. We have to really get at the issues."

Working together, we have endless possibilities. We know you have the skills and strengths to bring what is most important to the forefront. We can protect our children, brothers and sisters, family members and friends. We cannot be silent about what matters. We must Stand 2 Oppose Gun Violence and STOP! its impact on another family. So, how can you make change?


​"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

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