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Take Action

On average, more than 96 people die from gun violence every day. Two-thirds of those gun deaths are suicides which are three times more likely to happen if there is a gun in the home. And, only 60% of guns sales happen with a background check, and 90% percent of gun crimes are traced to only 5% of dealers.


So, what are the concrete steps you can do to make #NotAnotherTaylor a reality? Here are some actions you can take to save lives:


✓ Prevent access to your guns

Keep guns locked, unloaded and stored properly, even when outside of the home.


✓ Donate

Help fund our programs, program development and events to bring about change with our youth and in our community.


✓ Mentor youth

Share your wisdom with people younger than you. Intervene when needed to get them the help and teach them solve problems without guns.


✓ Get involved

Tell others about the movement and tweet #NotAnotherTaylor.


✓ Take the pledge

Stand 2 Oppose continued gun violence in our country. Then, share the pledge with your friends and family.


“May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.”

President Barack Obama


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